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Why Do Guys Love Dating Shemales?

The Opportunites TS Dating Can Bring

There can be little doubt that there are a certain type of guys, and whilst this may be a minority, it is certainly a growing and significant minority, who love dating shemales. To many people they find even the thought of this abhorrent, considering dating single shemales to be gay or certainly bi sexual. But as we, the informed minority know, this is definitely not the case. Instead it is a minority with a wider and more expansive view who take the opportunities that ts dating can bring.

Why Men Love Dating Shemales

It is no simple task to find the answer as to why men love dating shemales as the reasons are many and varied. But rather than look at the men who love ts dating I think it is worth looking at the shemales themselves. You see that these shemales never ever take their femininity for-granted. This is not so with genetic women all the time, whereas a shemale will do everything she can to look her best, immaculate hair, well tended nails and glamorous and sexy clothing. A date with a shemale is a date with someone that does everything they can to look their absolute best. This goes some way to explain why so many married men look to shemale dating sites to find some solace from their marriages where their wives, after going through childbirth loose the will to really make themselves look glamorous. You can get the total opposite from a shemale, who will wear nylons lipstick and high heels and ensure that she always looks of her best.

Shemales Are Sexy

Many ts girls find the idea that they are some kind of gay experiment for a bi curious guy offensive, indeed if you are lucky enough to secure a date with a sexy and glamorous shemale she will want you to want her as a women and will love your touches and crave for you to make her feel sexy and wanted. This really makes shemales so attractive to straight guys as many find their wives or girlfriends cold and in the habit of avoiding his touch or amorous advances. In this world of feminism it can be difficult to avoid feeling like you are treading on eggshells when you are out on that important first date. Will she be offended if you open the door for her, pull out her chair, tell her great she looks. This will never be the case when dating a ts girl as all they want is to be treated like a real woman.To experience your first shemale date join - The Prime Shemale Dating Site for free!

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