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Things To Keep In Mind About TS Dating

Things To Keep In Mind About Transsexual Dating

If you reading this now, we take it that you are interested in knowing more about TS dating. If you are a guy who is interested in dating pre-op transsexuals or shemales, the first thing you should know and respect is that one does not have a choice over one’s sexuality. Just as you are man and think of yourself as a perfectly “normal” healthy individual, so does a transsexual. A shemale may have a penis like a man, but in her mind, she responds and feels like a woman. So before you go on a date with a shemale, be prepared to give her the respect she deserves.

Do Not Experiment With Real Feelings Of A Shemale

Therefore those who are gay or are wondering about what their real sexual preferences are, would be better off if they do not opt to date a shemale, because she would much rather be with a straight man who would treat her like a lady. Those men who are dating shemales to satisfy their curiosity, are actually being rather insensitive because she should not become a guinea pig in your experiments!

The clear advice to men who are even remotely interested in TS dating is that you should not be dating a shemale unless and until you are genuinely interested. Those who are looking for such dates for cheap thrills are being unfair and unjust. It would not be much of an exxagaration to state that shemales are far more sensitive than genetic women. This is the reason they walk the extra mile to pick out the right clothes that enhance her feminine aspects or spend hours getting the make up just right.

Date With Genuine Interest In A Shemale

All a shemale seeks is the love and appreciation of a man, just like the way he would appreciate a woman. So to say insensitive things as what her real as in “guy” name is simply wrong. Do not treat a shemale like she is your backslapping buddy who can have the answers to or is capable of fulfilling some perverse fantasies you are harbouring.

Please do not go in for a transsexual date only for sex. If you are genuinely interested, treat her like a lady. Put in some effort in the way you turn out and make sure you have taken a shower and are smelling right. While going for TS dating, give her a call prior to your date and know about your date’s preferences in food, ambience movies or if you are too shy to do it, put in that effort to pick out a nice place where you can spend some quality time together.

When she arrives for the date, be in your best behavior and make chivalrous moves to hold out the door or pull out the chair for her. Also, make sure you pay her a genuine compliment about her appearance. If you think you are incapable of doing this and are just looking at transsexual dating for just some “off the cuff” fun, you would much rather stay away.

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